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Lover at Last - J.R. Ward also posted: http://newborrowedused.blogspot.com/2013/04/book-review-lover-at-last.html

My Thoughts: I'll start with Quinn and Blay since they were the main focus of this book. I've always liked these two and was glad that Ward finally just went forward and made them a couple. I liked watching Quinn come to the realization that he has been hiding behind his slut ways to hide what he really is/feels. I didn't have a problem with Blay not telling Quinn that he and Saxton were no longer together. With all the guy has been through you cannot blame him for not wanting to be hurt again. I was happy right until the end. While everything that happened at the bar was great, it just went too fast. We went from Quinn coming to terms, to Blay admitting he was single to super couple all in a few paragraphs. I just wanted it to take a little longer. Overall though, I was happy with the way their relationship ended up (cheesy final line or not).
Now onto the side stories. Layla: This was a big part of Q/Bs story as well. I didn't really care for her before this book and nothing really changed. I don't hate her just feel indifferent. Unlike others I was not impressed with her scenes at the clinic. Everyone seems to want to put human characteristics into this and it doesn't fit into this world. While the brotherhood is used to the Chosen being around and treating them as they would treat any other female in the race, the rest of the race is not going to react the same. While I don't like Havers, he acted exactly as you would expect someone of his station to act towards a Chosen. I don't know how they handled the changes with the Chosen in regards to the rest of the race but whenever there are big changes it's going to take time for everyone to get on the same page.
Xcor/B.O.B: I'm still not feeling these guys. I didn't need the feeding scene and basically skimmed it. So far the only thing I really know about these characters are fighting/sex. I need more before I start to even care. I did think the car scene with Layla and Xcor moved them into an interesting direction that will have far reaching ramifications.
Assail: Again. I don't really have a vested interest in him or Sola. Right now he is just a drug dealer who will work with anyone included those that wiped out half a large chunk of his race. If he is the main focus of a book at this point I would skip it.
Trez: I liked the shadows. I've always been interested in these brothers and love finding out more about them. It'll be interesting to see how the arranged marriage and him wanting Selena works itself out.
Overall, I was happy with the majority of this book. While I could have done with less of the side stories and more of the main couple it all worked out in the end.