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The Demigod Files - Rick Riordan originally posted: http://newborrowedused.blogspot.com/2012/01/book-review-demigod-files.html

My Thoughts: While the mini interviews and other things were interesting, I mainly picked this up for the short stories.
PJ and the Stolen Chariot: Clarisse's brothers, Deimos and Phobos, have stolen their father's chariot that Clarisse has to return before the end of the day. I tend to like Deimos and Phobos in stories and they worked in this. We get to see more of the up/downs of Percy and Clarisse's relationship.
PJ and the Bronze Dragon: This one really didn't add anything for me. We got to see another inch forward in Percy and Annabeth but that was it. I didn't really care about the other characters so I didn't care if they were rescued or not (I know, Bad).
PJ and the Sword of Hades: This was my favorite part of the whole book. It read more like the full novels and added to the overall series. I have not read book 4 yet and I believe this story takes place after it. It didn't really spoil anything but made me want to read it that much sooner. I liked having the big three's kids all together on this quest.
Overall, while not as in depth as most companion novels I've read, you do get to know some of the main characters a little better. Definitely recommend picking it up just for the short stories.