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Scarlet - A.C. Gaughen Originally posted: http://newborrowedused.blogspot.com/2012/05/book-review-scarlet.html

My Thoughts: I have to start by stating that while I enjoyed Robin Hood, it is not one of my favorite stories. I liked parts of this book but not the whole.
I liked twist of making one of Robin's men a woman and went in thinking there was potential. As most know I do not like love triangles, especially ones that seem forced. It's obvious from the start that Scar had feelings for Robin so having her start being close and having confused feelings for John made her character less strong and more wishy washy to me.
What worked for me was the way Robin's band (Robin, John, Scar, and Much) worked together to try and help the villagers with not only their taxes but everyday things. It made the conflict with the Sheriff and Thief Taker believable.
The twist or surprise of Scarlet's past was not surprising. It was too obvious from the stories Scar was telling throughout about Gisbourne that she had first hand knowledge of what she was talking about.
Overall the conflict with the sheriff and wanting to know how this reworking was brought to conclusion kept me reading. The love triangle and obvious twists brought it down some but this was still a good read that I would recommend to anyone who likes Robin Hood.

Rating: 3.5