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Book Review

The Fairy-Tale Detectives  - Michael Buckley, Peter Ferguson

My Thoughts: This was an entertaining start to a series. Having many of your favorite fairy-tale characters stuck in one place as long as their is a Grimm living there has led to some interesting twists and turns that you might not expect.
My favorite characters were Grandma Grimm and Daphne. I loved all the quirks, like saying goodbye and hello to the house, that the grandma had and how willing Daphne was to accept it all in stride. On the other side of that is Sabrina. While I understand why she acts the way she does and it completely in character, I still found myself disliking her most of the time.
Overall, if you enjoy fairy-tale retellings this is a promising start to a series. With the girls learning to become Grimm detectives while trying to find out who has their parents alongside familiar characters in unexpected roles (three little pigs as local law enforcement) I'm looking forward to reading book 2.